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GSIGS_3 Case Study

GSIGS and IPSEC solution from Tata Communications empowered every single home worker.

Case study

GSIGS_3 Case Study


When the COVID-19 crisis erupted, this Indian conglomerate had to quickly adopt home working for its remote employees. With private data centres running corporate apps, reaching remote users over MPLS would be impractical and expensive.


Using GSIGS from Tata Communications made it possible to securely extend MPLS connectivity to remote locations and home users over IPsec tunnels. Logging in to the vUTM platform and accessing the network became a breeze.


With the Tata Communicatons solution, the conglomerate can operate almost normally during the pandemic. Its people feel protected at home, while still contributing to the company’s success through accessing the same corporate apps they use in the office.

“The secure network solution proposed by Tata Communications to extend corporate apps to new home workers was a real winner. Our people feel happy and protected.”

Spokesperson, Indian conglomerate

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GSIGS_3 Case Study