Hosted Skype for Business Solution

A global company dedicated to improving the health and lives of people suffering from an increasingly-common chronic disease, the company is active in nearly 50 countries. As well as producing world‐renowned monitoring systems, it is committed to adding more innovative and life-­changing products to its portfolio.


Divested from a worldwide enterprise, this Global Healthcare Company found itself out in the cold. The deal stipulated separation from its ex-parent’s systems in a six-month timeframe. Speed was crucial and Hosted Skype for Business from Tata Communications was chosen.


A business case presented to the Global Healthcare Company showed that, compared to an on-premise solution, the HSfB pay-as-you-go solution would immediately avoid $2 million in capital investment and save up to 40 per cent in running costs.


The Global Healthcare Company is enjoying the efficiency of a single, company-wide HSfB platform. Calls are simple one-click affairs. Collaborating via chat is proving very popular. The next development will see video collaboration introduced.

“Tata Communications was one of only very few in the world with the scale and reach to meet our needs.”