IZO™ Private Cloud keeps Power Generation and Distribution company at the industry’s forefront


India Power Corporation Limited (IPCL) is a leading Indian energy company offering power generation and distribution. A key move in the company’s digital journey was the adoption of SAP ERP software to improve reporting and analytics and run IoT apps as part of a smart grid.


To take full advantage of those innovations, IPCL planned a transition from its legacy on-premise data centre to the agility and scalability of the cloud. The search for a hosting partner led to selection of IZO™ Private Cloud from Tata Communications. The platform was optimised to meet the needs of IPCL without costly overprovision.


Cloud performance underpins digital services for superlative CX. The hosting solution runs other apps like BI, IoT, mobile, and a customer portal. They breed vast volumes of data and IZO™ Private Cloud assures the scalability to cope. 

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“Our business is power generation and distribution, not the relentless management of hosted services. For the latter we rely on Tata Communications, who offer best-in-class hosting infrastructure and expertise.”

Sanjeev Sinha

President, IT and Digitization, India Power Corporation Limited


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