Inspro Insurance Achieves Customer Data Security with IZOTM Cloud


Uptime guarantee


Monitoring and support


Data failover

Delivering uniquely designed vertical specific enterprise insurance and supporting financial management solutions along with strong customer relationships, has positioned Inspro as Singapore’s leading insurance provider. Innovating constantly to provide faster, more sophisticated and digitally advanced solutions is key to upholding its leadership position.

Evolving customer demands urged the need for higher security, customer data backup, business continuity, etc. Inspro realised that expanding its current on-premise setup would call for hefty capital investment and yet not deliver the performance, security, and flexibility required. It openly began to investigate cloud-based solutions to transform its IT and deliver state-of-the-art services to its clients. It partnered with Tata Communications for its cost-effective, yet superior service features.


  • Reliable storage for high-risk customer financial data with customisable access
  • Data backup and replication of customer facing applications
  • Superior security features, not only to meet its customers’ rigorous security requirements, but also comply with stringent government regulations for financial services providers
  • Agility to add capacity and features to support Inspro’s rapidly growing business and client data base Solution
  • Enterprise-class IZOTM Private Cloud and IZOTM Cloud Storage with ability to create individual storage for Inspro’s each customer
  • Speedy and highly automated, yet user-friendly data access and archive features; flexibility to easily define, add and change users and user levels
  • Customised security as per individual customer specifications
  • Real-time data backup and disaster recovery for zero data failover
  • 24/7 monitoring and support



  • A reliable IT platform with 99.9% uptime guarantee for high network performance, enables Inspro to innovatve and offer cutting-edge insurance services and sustain its fast business growth and market leadership
  • Unique customised security, instant backup and data replication, and complete regulatory compliance ensure business continuity and confidentiality for sensitive financial transactions and data, minimising business risks for Inspro as well as its clients


“As a Financial Services Provider, Security, Compliance and Business Continuity are top-of-the-mind concerns for our clients. With IZO™ Cloud and its leading-edge security features, they rest easy, entrusting Us with their critical data, and their business insured with our progressive solutions built over the most up-to-date technologies.”

Chong Teng Kim

Chief Executive Officer, Inspro Insurance Brokers


  • IZO™ Private Cloud