IZO™ Private Cloud provides an Innovative Smart Grid IOT Solution centerpiece


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Commercial loss drops


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India Power Corporation (IPC) is a leading energy company offering power generation, distribution, and renewable energy as a one-stop shop. With technical and commercial loss in distribution, smart grid introduction was a critical commercial focus. Covering major components like distribution transformers, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart meters in transformers would raise efficiency.


At the centre of the smart grid solution, a Tata Communications IZO™ Private Cloud accepts inputs like Phase Voltage, Total active power etc from IoT devices and smart meters in the grid. The IoT devices, tested and installed by a IPCL digital team, use SIM-based GPRS connectivity to transfer data to the IZO™ Private Cloud. Engineers use laptops to monitor distribution transformers parameters, while SMS messages informing them parameters deviations so they can take action before an outage.


In the first rollout, IoT devices at DT levels, extending to smart meters at DT and consumers, have been installed in the IPCL grid. This smart grid solution takes pre-emption action before it turns into an outage. Hence, aggregated loss has dropped and so has power outages which have reduced by 15-20 percent. Engineering productivity has significantly increased. Offering such digital services to other power companies will see IPCL help install similar smart grids in other regions throughout India.


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"Our partnership with Tata Communications is placing us at the forefront of digital smart grid IoT technology best practice. Consumers and other stakeholders are seeing major commercial benefits and realising improvements to their quality of life, while the environment is benefiting from much-reduced power wastage."

Sanjeev Sinha

President, IT and Digitisation, India Power Corporation