IZO™ Private Connect keeps Fast-food Orders Flowing to Hungry Diners

Operating globally-renowned high-street brands with tens of thousands of outlets in well over 100 countries, the company is one of the world’s largest fastfood restaurant groups.


Hosting business-critical applications in the cloud has many advantages, but poor network access arrangements can blunt the benefits. In India, restaurant group found that use of the public Internet gave rise to latency and lack of reliability, not only ruining the user experience but also negatively affecting the business.


Tata Communications proposed IZO™ Private Connect, which provides a direct MPLS or Ethernet link to cloud services through global agreements with leading service providers. Cloud traffic is carried over the restaurant group’s VPN for enterprise-class connectivity standards.


Co-ordinated by the Tata Communications sales team, the IZO™ Private Connect transition was delivered to the promised timelines and is achieving 100 per cent against its SLA. The group’s people in restaurants are seeing better response times and increased productivity, which assures high customer service quality.

“As our premium connectivity partner, Tata Communications is adept at designing and delivering solutions to solve our network problems.”