Khimji Ramdas partners with Tata Communications to power cloud-enabled digital transformation.


Aiming for a digital transformation based on an upgrade to SAP HANA, along with meeting business requirements more quickly and achieving a consistent customer experience, Khimji Ramdas was facing a stark choice. Spend a fortune stripping out and rebuilding its legacy data centre, or make a bold move into the cloud?


Bold moves take courage born of confidence. The strength of the Tata Communications brand and the integrity of its Managed Hosting Service made up the senior team’s minds. Twin data centres running SAP HANA offered the assurance Khimji Ramdas was seeking.


Creditably, the transition to the cloud infrastructure passed utterly unnoticed by the company’s end users. They got improved performance and the benefits of mobile apps. Khimji Ramdas itself escaped a huge CapEx bill, while reducing its total cost of ownership. The IT team got increased productivity with first-class support and the ability to focus on growth and expansion plans. Winners all round.

“From a technical and cultural standpoint, as well as for assured security, a cloud solution from Tata Communications came out on top. Equally importantly, the strength of the brand gave us the confidence we needed to move forward.”

Chandra Shekhar

Jajware Group CIO, Khimji Ramdas


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