Providing secure connectivity to Liberty General Insurance remote branch offices


Established in 2013, Liberty General Insurance (LGI) takes Global VPN (GVPN) services from Tata Communications to connect 1,200 employees in 23 states and 120 branch offices across India. However, GVPN couldn’t cost effectively reach 40 of those locations.


In such cases, broadband Internet service is taken from a local service provider to access the nearest GVPN point of presence. A Tata Communications GSIGS / vUTM solution powers the virtual private network enabling that connectivity.


The secure, cloud-based GSIGS solution saves using expensive-to-install GVPN links in rural areas, giving LGI a cost-effective solution. Meanwhile, with equal access to corporate apps and data as their GVPN-served colleagues, remote staff offer exemplary customer service.

“Our staff in remote branches are delighted to be able to offer excellent customer service because they have exactly the same access to CRM tools and corporate apps as their city-based colleagues.”

Alok Singh, AVP, IT Application Support, Network & Security, Liberty General Insurance

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