Multi-VRF Technology

A leader in business process management (BPM), combining operational excellence with deep expertise in key industry verticals, the company delivers a spectrum of services globally including customer interaction, finance and accounting, HR, research and analytics, and technology solutions to over 200 customers.


With a legacy point-to-point wide area network interconnecting its global delivery centres, the BPM lacked the flexibility and scalability to stay ahead in the fast-moving BPM market. Labour-intensive manual workarounds were slowing service and negatively affecting the bottom line.


A managed Global VPN from Tata Communications came with Multi-VRF technology for the creation of customer-specific VPNs. Working with the BPM in a beta trial-like environment, Tata Communications designed a zero-touch, automated process for the set-up and billing of those Multi-VRF-based services.


Within months of launch, 20 per cent more customers had moved onto the Multi-VRF platform and that trend is continuing. The BPM is placing Multi-VRF orders almost daily and already some delivery centres have over 50 individual customer VPNs in operation.

“We chose Tata Communications for its global digital networking footprint, with the ability to reach our international delivery centres.”