Using NetFoundry’s secure military-grade ‘zero trust dark network’ solution from Tata Communications connected 200 home workers in just a few hours with enhanced app performance.


Business continuity for this power generation firm during the COVID-19 crisis would depend on how fast it could give locked-down staff access to enterprise applications. Also, it was essential to provide unhindered app performance and highest security levels against cyberattack.


The solution catered for PC- and laptop- equipped users as well as smartphones for those with legacy operating systems. The military-grade ‘zero trust dark network’ used eliminated chances of targeted attacks. No hardware was needed, with configuration in the cloud in a few hours.With outdated hardware, issues surfaced in scalability and refresh was expensive hence migration of applications to public cloud (AWS) was proposed as a solution. Legacy applications as well as the new app will be hosted and managed in the AWS cloud. AWS data centres will host 8 virtual machines and other AWS services.


The solution was up-and-running before the COVID-19 lockdown could affect operations. Home workers are now connected over a highly secure encrypted NaaS with 3X improved app performance compared to conventional VPN connections over internet.

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“The Tata Communications team achieved the result we were seeking long before COVID-19 had the chance to affect our customer service. App performance improved three-fold over shared broadband. It was a simply remarkable performance.”


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