CDN helps news broadcaster IBC24 deliver critical reach and scalability


IBC24 is a leading news broadcaster, attracting one of the biggest audiences across the country. But staying ahead of the stories requires a high performing website that can support instantaneous live streaming, for a superior user experience regardless of location. While the need to deliver additional websites to cater for specific events, such as elections, demands scalability and flexibility.


Tata Communications demonstrated a deep understanding of IBC24’s business challenges and was selected as the company’s CDN provider. Following a successful proof of concept, the team worked closely with IBC24 and its existing vendors to manage a seamless transition to the new CDN solution. This solution provided support for IBC24’s main news website, additional adhoc sites, as well as storage for images and hosting for audio podcasts.


Thanks to Tata Communications delivering great end-user experience with their extensive POPs and peering arrangements with regional ISPs, IBC24 has consolidated its position in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. And ongoing management and proactive monitoring means IBC24 can stay focused on the stories that matter.

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“As a leading news broadcasters, it’s critical our content reaches everywhere – even remote regions, where 3G/4G penetration is lacking. Tata Communications’ CDN has enabled us to deliver high quality live streaming across the country, increasing both the performance of our site and the traffic we can support. The team there has been exemplary, with excellent communication throughout the project. We see Tata Communications as a partner, almost an extension to our company, rather than a vendor”

Kishore Karmakar

VP of Information Technology, IBC24