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Prassana Purple IZO private cloud case study

Prasanna Purple achieves enhanced customer satisfaction and scalability with our cloud solution

Case study

Prassana Purple IZO private cloud case study


  • Underperforming and inflexible in-house data centre with overstretched resources resulting in downtimes and sluggish applications, thus affecting customer transactions
  • Expansion of current set-up potentially involved high cost of ownership, maintenance overheads and overprovisioning for seasonal traffic
  • Poor customer experience could mean immediate loss of business to competition



  • IZO™ Private Cloud to provide a high availability platform for applications with on-demand resources
  • Secure high-speed network connectivity for quick data transfers and speedy transactions
  • 24/7 monitoring and management

“Tata Communications has been our trusted network partner for years. Our journey to cloud with them was effortless. They took charge of everything, from infrastructure to connectivity to applications and moved it all to cloud in mere three weeks. Ever since the applications have been always-on for customers to book online tickets, check or change travel schedules, plan trips etc. and we have the agility to serve them promptly.”

Tushar Kshirsagar, IT Head Prasanna Purple

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Prassana Purple IZO private cloud case study