Tata Communications MOVE™ network opens up huge global mobile data market potential



15 million

Travellers worldwide


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As a serial technology entrepreneur and travel zealot, Skyroam founder, Jing Liu, saw one aspect of travel as particularly challenging – accessing reliable mobile Wi-Fi at a reasonable cost. Inspired by a vision of a more connected world, in 2008 he developed and patented virtual SIM (vSIM) technology, enabling locally connected mobile data ondemand worldwide. Called the Skyroam Global Hotspot, some say it’s magic, but Skyroam says it’s a monumental achievement in software-based global connectivity. In addition to hotspots, Skyroam is partnering with manufacturers to embed its proprietary vSIM in millions of smartphones.


Skyroam addresses an aspect of travel everyone finds challenging – accessing ubiquitous mobile data reliably and at reasonable cost. In response, the company developed and patented its virtual SIM (vSIM) technology.


Looking for a global connectivity solution, Skyroam chose the Tata Communications MOVE™ network. Fully managed, it guarantees enhanced high-quality connectivity, underpinned by partnerships with more than 600 mobile operators and an unparalleled global backbone network.

“With Tata Communications MOVE™ network, we achieve meaningful savings on international data costs, diversify and strengthen our global vSIM network, and secure new MVNO and operator relationships.”

Yukui Yang

Purchasing Director, Skyroam