“How can we safely stem the ever-rising cyber attack tide?” inquired major Financial Services firm.


To replace a mixture of unintegrated security point products, this major financial services firm was looking for a
cybersecurity solution to collect and action event data companywide for vulnerability awareness and visibility of normal and aberrant behaviour.


Tata Communications SIEM (security information and event management) was chosen as an on-premise system that uses
industry-leading technology to aggregate every security-related event across the financial services firm’s IT estate, including remote sites and mobile users.


The Tata Communications SIEM platform monitors some 300 devices. At peak traffic, it inspects around 2,000 security-related events every second. Those events are automatically stored, sifted and compared for evidence of threat patterns or breaches of security policy.

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“Cybersecurity is a fast-changing environment. Lack of comprehensive and up-to-date oversight led to sleepless nights. Now, Tata Communications SIEM means we’re always on top of the situation. That protects our investors, our people and our corporate reputation.”

Spokesperson for Major Financial Services Firm


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