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From Cloud First to Cloud Smart

Over the past few years, cloud adoption has been considered as one of the core enablers of driving digital transformation giving rise to the moniker “cloud first”. To thrive in the digital transformation journey and keep pace with modern business environments cloud services have evolved with time to underpin major shifts.

While a quick adoption is beneficial, it hasn’t always paid off in terms of achieving the overarching and long-term cloud goals. The right approach is one that identifies an organisation’s cloud goals and aligns its strategies with the current realities. Read on to know how you can make smart choices and stay ahead in your digital journey.

Why do we need a Cloud Smart Strategy?

  • Expectation Realism

    Unrealistic cloud expectations, coupled with a lack of essential skills, often undermine successful transitions, hindering organisations from achieving desired outcomes.

    • Harmonising Business and Cloud

      The dynamic nature of the cloud clashes with rigid legacy processes, creating a need for alignment between business and technology. Siloed practices often lead to overall cloud failure.

      • Striking a Balance

        A rush toward a cloud-first approach prioritises speed, leaving little room for strategic planning. This haste introduces challenges like talent shortages and compliance issues, impacting suitable operational model development.

        • Precision in Service Selection

          Navigating complex Cloud Service Provider (CSP) offerings requires businesses to find the right mix tailored to their needs. Whether cloud-only, multi-cloud, or hybrid, precision is key for success.

          • Skills for Cloud Success

            Beyond investment and planning, a specialised IT skillset is crucial for a successful cloud transformation. Organisations must upskill existing talent or bring in external expertise to navigate the shift effectively.

            How can organisations achieve Cloud Smart?

            • 01 | 07

              Identifying and closing the gaps

            • 02 | 07

              Finding the right fitment for the migration mix

            • 03 | 07

              Setting a cycle of performance measurements

            • 04 | 07

              Investing in the right services and orchestration tools

            • 05 | 07

              Building a successful cloud exit strategy

            • 06 | 07

              Mitigating the risk of security breaches and compliance violations

            • 07 | 07

              Realigning workplace culture into cloud-enabled agile teams

            What does our roadmap toward cloud optimisation include?

            • Developing strategy

              Developing a clear strategy for smooth transition, identifying obstacles, minimising disruption, and setting realistic goals.

            • Optimising performance

              Optimising performance and achieving cost savings through a carefully crafted migration strategy, boosting overall efficiency.

            • Workload migrations

              Leading workload migrations aligned with organisational preferences, considering technology, security, and regulatory requirements.

            • Enabling organisations

              Enabling organisations to leverage cloud economics by safeguarding investments, optimising infrastructure, and efficiently forecasting budgets with transparent cost visibility.

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