Today, Enterprise is looking for digital transformation with hybrid, Multi cloud approach. Organisation wants a partner to who can help & guide in digital transformation for cloud, network & security. Tata Communication as managed service partner for multi cloud will provide the digital transformation, Cloud enablement and large migration with modernisation. Tata Communication uses a four-phase migration approach(assess & plan, design & build, migrate & modernize, manage & operations).

AWS migration phases

Any application migration into the cloud has 4 key phases as shown below.

Assess & plan

Planning is the starting phase of the cloud adoption process for all organizations considering moving their workloads to a cloud landscape. At this level, you must first analyse your structure and develop a strategy and KPIs for implementing a successful cloud migration.

Underperforming key points in legacy infrastructure should be clear once you have selected your most important KPIs and created a strategy. You should ensure that your significant key points are identified and addressed in the future.

Design & build

Designing a cloud architecture is different from designing a legacy architecture. In this phase you define how entire target architecture works. You will define network and connectivity modes based on business needs. You will define reliability, high availability and DR, Security, Stability etc.

Migrate & modernize 

In this phase you will perform the migration based on the strategy you defined during design phase. Right cloud tools will be used for migration e.g., AWS MGN for server migration and RDS for database migration etc.

Manage & operations
This is final phase where on-premises infrastructure is migrated to cloud. Required guardrails are implemented as per the business requirement and you ensure infrastructure is available as per the agreed SLA metrics.

Migration approach

Tata Communications takes an “End-to-end” approach towards migration, from Assessment to Delivery without any disruption which helps enterprises to achieve a seamless and secured migration experience.

1. Assessment

Assessment is the initial phase where the source infrastructure is analysed with variety of cloud native and third-party tools to gather required data. This data collected helps in subsequent phase of cloud journey.

2. Cost analysis

Cost analysis help you identify the budgets and spendings of your migration end to end. 

3. Planning

Planning phase has paramount importance charts out the migration plan, methodology, timelines etc. The design document created in this phase is executed during migration.

4. Methodology

Methodology defines the right suit method for migration workloads to cloud.

5. Migration tools

Migration tools can be cloud native or third party they facilitate the migration to cloud environment.

6. Monitor

Monitoring is setup for key parameters of the technology stack to ensure availability and SLA.

7. Testing

Testing is done to ensure that we have completed all the tasks as the migration project requirements and ensure high quality.

8. Cutover

Cutover is a checkpoint to ensure that production workloads can be migrated to the new infrastructure created. 

9. Validation

Validation is a step to ensure that our customers validate the migration project before delivery so that user requirements are met. 

10. Deliver

Finally, the production infrastructure setup is delivered to our customers for live workloads.

Managed services for migration

We provide round-the clock support, proactively monitoring AWS workloads. Our team of over 300+ industry certified professionals leverage ITIL-based processes to ensure optimal performance.


Assessment is the initial phase in managed services where the infrastructure is analysed to gather required data to arrive at a scope of managed services. 


The scope of the managed services is defined based on the customer infrastructure provided and the customer needs. 

Monitoring tools 

Monitoring tools enables organization to monitor the key parameters of their cloud landscape. TCL uses cloud native monitoring tools and leverage various OEM tools to enable monitoring as per the business requirement. 


A service level agreement is a commitment between a service provider and customer. It defines the service quality, availability, responsibilities which are mutually agreed between the service provider and the service user. 


Automated monitoring of the complete infrastructure is enabled for the defined scope. This ensures proactive monitoring and alerting and resolution. Deployment of resources in cloud is also automated with various automation tools.

24 x 7 Monitoring 

24 x 7 x 365 operations manned by 300+ professionals is provided to our customers ensuring SLA defined are met.


Infrastructure configurations can be defined through templates and code and implemented automatically.

OS patches

OS patch management service to protect your running Compute Engine VMs against defects and vulnerabilities.


Managed service for backups to create and store backups of your data. Provide better RPOs for our customers. Reduce downtime and shorten recovery times with cloud-first managed backup.

Migration tool kit

AWS Migration Tool Kit


A cloud assessment is an evaluation that gathers and analyses an organization’s infrastructure to provide the knowledge on below areas,

  • Identify application dependency within organization’s infrastructure
  • Workload and target infra mapping
  • Outline approaches for migrations
  • To estimate infrastructure and capacity

Data migration

Data migration is a task which transfers data from customer datacenter or other cloud provider. AWS has multiple data migration strategies for every business requirement. 

Application migration

Application migration is a task which involves migrating application and database workloads from customer data center or other cloud provider to AWS.                                              

Shared services

We provide expert solution on various non-native cloud products. These products can be used within cloud to form a hybrid environment which caters business needs. Palo alto, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Commvault are few of the products.

Key workloads

Green field deployment
A greenfield deployment is the design, installation, and configuration of enterprise infrastructure where none existed earlier. We have designed these solutions as per the well architect framework and AWS cloud best practises.

Server migration
We perform server migration from On-premises datacenter to cloud also from cloud-to-cloud migration. 

Database migration
Database migration is a complex task where we need to plan the migration in a well-structured approach. Performed various database migration leveraging cloud native tools. Have onboarded variety of databases into AWS cloud platform Oracle, MS SQL, Postgres and MySQL are few database stacks we have expertise.

Disaster recovery
Disaster recovery is designed to prevent or minimize data loss and business disruption resulting from catastrophic events. We designed and implemented DR solution using cloud owned tools like AWS cloud endure and with OEM tools like zerto.

Active directory migration or extension
Active Directory is a directory service developed by Microsoft for Windows servers. This directory service contains information about your organization, including users, groups, computers, and other resources.
Based on the business requirement we leveraged tools like AD connector, AWS managed AD or additional domain controller on EC2 to integrate directory service between AWS cloud and On-premises.

Our evolving credentials

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