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Here are a few tips and best practices for improving the performance of your business internet access for your organization: 

  1. Use a wired connection: Encourage employees to use a wired Ethernet connection to their computer or router instead of Wi-Fi to ensure faster and more reliable internet access. 
  2. Use a quality router: Invest in a router that is specifically designed for business use and can handle a high volume of traffic to improve the overall performance of your internet connection. 
  3. Use a VPN: Implement a virtual private network (VPN) to improve the security and performance of your internet connection. A VPN will encrypt internet traffic and protect against cyber threats such as hacking and identity theft. 
  4. Limit the number of devices connected to the network: To improve performance, try to limit the number of devices that are connected to the organization's network. 
  5. Use a content delivery network (CDN): Consider using a CDN to improve the speed and performance of the organization's website or application. 
  6. Use a cloud-based storage solution: To avoid slowing down the network, consider using a cloud-based storage solution such as Google Drive or Dropbox to store and access large files.
  7. Regularly test and monitor the internet connection: Regularly testing and monitoring the internet connection can help the organization identify and troubleshoot any issues that may be affecting its performance. There are a number of tools available that can help with this process. 

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