The SAP HANA in-memory database technology is the company's next-generation in-memory offering. This makes it possible to process data more quickly without the need for a conventional storage system, which in turn simplifies business intelligence and data management processes. SAP HANA provides a management platform that is both intuitive and easy to use, as well as a set of tools that make it possible for you to quickly and easily analyse your data. The solution integrates in-memory computing power with big data capabilities, as well as capabilities for advanced analytics and reporting. Because of this, it is the ideal solution for businesses that want to improve the effectiveness of their operations by gaining insights into those operations in real time.

For the best possible results, deploying SAP HANA in the cloud is highly recommended. This system is dependable and extremely quick, and it provides insights that are relevant to the present moment. The cloud is a form of information technology infrastructure that, all at once, is worry-free, scalable, agile, flexible, innovative, and inexpensive.

Through a personal server, businesses have on-demand access to all of their SAP HANA data when it is stored in the cloud. In addition, they can store information in multiple locations around the world without having to worry about managing the associated hardware and software. Organisations have real-time access to all of their data across all applications via live dashboards. They also have access to analytics on demand, allowing them to make better, more expedient business decisions.

The adoption of SAP HANA presents a number of challenges in their own right. Investing in information technology can be pricey if it is not properly planned out and adapted. Because the migration process can be disruptive, it is imperative that only experts or professionals assist in speeding it up. It is imperative that a comprehensive strategy for disaster recovery for business continuity be meticulously planned, and that all complexities associated with the legacy landscape be completely comprehended.

The IZO™ Cloud platform from Tata Communications runs on SAP HANA without experiencing any downtime. At the same time, the company's advanced analytics engine delivers superior performance in real-time and enables businesses to carry out real-time data analysis. Additionally, the platform supports multi-tenancy, which enables multiple users to coexist within a single instance. The hybrid architecture of IZO™ Cloud enables it to run applications and services in different environments. This property is essential for businesses that must operate on multiple platforms or in different locations. IZO™ Cloud’s private cloud has been designed to provide customers with the flexibility they need to manage their data centre resources locally while still reaping the benefits of cloud computing.

The purpose of the IZO™ Cloud platform is to provide a solution that is both secure and cost-effective for large and mid-sized businesses that are looking to migrate away from their legacy systems and adopt a model that is more flexible and agile. 

The IZO™ Cloud platform is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of configurations. The HANA grid, which is a virtualized grid platform, 3 terabytes of random-access memory (RAM), a fully managed Tata communications setup, and HANA appliances are necessities for large HANA database models.

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform managed services are provided by Tata Communications, which is the industry leader in this space. Tata Communications is also a Certified SAP Partner, which enables us to provide an all-encompassing solution for rapidly deploying and operating SAP HANA on Public Cloud Platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. With the help of this solution, our clients are given the ability to centrally manage their workloads by utilising a single point of contact who is familiar with application architecture and provides comprehensive technical support for the deployment and management of SAP HANA on Public Cloud Platform.

When it comes to the deployment of SAP HANA, Tata Communications is the service provider of choice. We are able to provide greater flexibility because we have made the process of migrating to SAP HANA much simpler and because we provide a variety of platforms that have been certified for use with SAP HANA. Our SAP centre of excellence addresses end-to-end architecture and optimization, and it provides support for hybrid infrastructure that is adapted specifically to the requirements of the organisation. There are over 300 certified specialists who are available around the clock to provide support and ensure a smooth experience using SAP.


What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a platform that allows for the storage and analysis of data in memory. It offers users flexibility by performing capabilities such as extracting, transforming, and loading data in a very smooth manner. It is extremely analytical in nature, making it an excellent choice for companies that are experiencing rapid expansion.

What is the difference between SAP and SAP HANA?

All SAP functions are now able to be carried out in a single location thanks to a more recent app known as SAP HANA. It is possible to store significant amounts of data on a single server because it is an in-memory application, which helps to keep operational expenses to a minimum.

Is SAP HANA same as SQL?

SQL is a language for managing data that also manages systems, transactions, and sessions and can manipulate both schema and data. On the other hand, SAP HANA is an application for maintaining an in-memory database.

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