While VOIP is one of the most crucial communication technologies of all time, it may not do its best without the application of one essential component — SIP Trunks.

Also known as Session Initiation Protocol, SIP Trunking is the process for successfully establishing a Voice Over Internet Protocol Call (VOIP Call).

But the question still remains - What is SIP Trunking? How does it work? And why does it matter?

In this blog, we find out answers to all these questions and understand how you can choose the right SIP trunking service provider for your organization.

So, buckle up, and let’s start.

What is SIP trunking?

SIP trunking is a process that helps establish a VOIP call. However, that does not explain all about SIP. SIP is a signing protocol that initiates, maintains, and terminates real-time sessions, including voice, video, and messaging applications of internet telephony.

SIP trunking is a VOIP technology and streaming media service. Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) use it to deliver telephone services to customers having a SIP-enabled private branch network (PBX). 

The best thing about SIP trunking is that it eliminates the need for having mediators between the telecom providers and their customers. Hence, the charging fees remain low. We will discuss more of its benefits in the sections that follow. For now, let us look at how SIP trunking works.

How does SIP trunking work?

SIP acts as a bridge protocol that enables business phone systems & other digital devices to make calls through the internet by establishing a VOIP connection.

Earlier, the routing of voice calls used to happen through physical ISDN systems that worked on copper lines. SIP trunking technology changed this for good, and helped businesses optimise their communication processes.

Here’s the paraphernalia required for setting up a SIP trunking system:

  • Internet connection
  • SIP-enabled private branch exchange box, a.k.a. IP Box
  • VOIP phones or adapters
  • Network connections for phones

For older PBX systems, you may need a SIP-ISDN gateway. Modern technology may not always be compatible with older systems.

What are the benefits of SIP trunking?

1. Efficient and Cost Effective

Cutting down on unnecessary costs is crucial for all businesses. However, holding more phone lines than needed may add unnecessarily to the cost. From international cost charges to maintenance requirements, you may have to spend on a number of things.

That is not the case when you deploy a SIP trunking system. As most SIP trunking systems are charged on per user basis, you will not be shelling out your hard-earned money for resources you don’t need or use.

Also, this makes your costs more predictable, so financial planning becomes easier and more precise. Based on your preferences and requirements, you can choose from the available metered and unmetered SIP trunk plans. Most organisations start seeing their billing costs go down in the first month itself.

2. Quick Results

While several business investments may take years to produce ROI, SIP trunking setups don’t break the bank and may show results from the first month. From new international business to better availability of customer support teams, this can have a dramatic impact on your customer satisfaction. 

3. Freedom of flexible availability

As SIP trunking creates a virtual presence for businesses & individuals, they can choose when and how they want to be available. For example, a SIP-enabled system will help you synchronize all your different devices for voice calls, texts, video chats, etc., offering a seamless communication experience; wherever you are. SIP does this by providing the user with one single “address” for all their  devices and applications.

4. Scalability

With a SIP trunking system onboard, you will be able to scale your business’ communication forefronts without much hassle. This becomes possible, as, with SIP trunking, you can unify your communication channels and different offices into a single network. As a result, you can successfully carry on your business’ communication processes from any location.

5. Reliable

As you look for new technologies to assist your organisation’s business functions, reliability may always be a concern. Of course, downtime and intensive repairs can add high costs to a company’s expenses. SIP-enabled systems rule out a variety of such problems.

As these systems are virtual, the need for hardware installation and repairs is eliminated. Plus, as there’s little to no hardware or wiring involved, SIP systems are safe from extreme weather conditions and accidents. Also, if a failure occurs, you can still continue using phones. The calls reaching the faulty line will be routed over to other office lines or your mobile phone(s).

Choosing the right SIP trunking service provider: Things to remember

With a pool of SIP trunking service providers offering different SIP services an organisation may need, it’s critical to pick the best fit for your business. Let us take a look at the important factors to consider while choosing a SIP trunking service provider for your organisation.

1. Identify your needs

Depending on your company’s size and requirements, lay down a list of needs and expectations that you want fulfilled through a SIP trunking service.

2. Consider budget

The amount of money you are willing to pay for a qualified SIP service is another important factor. Even though SIP trunking services don’t cost a lot, it’s best to dedicate a budget and explore your options accordingly.

3. Company reputation

The company that you are planning to hire for your SIP trunking needs should not have a negative reputation among clients. If a service provider’s existing or ex-customers have negative reviews to give, they might as well have strong reasons to back their dissatisfaction. Before you hire a company, make sure to do some background research regarding its reputation and customer service track record.

4. Voice and video quality

Even if a company has a great reputation, don’t sign a deal without testing the voice and video quality that they offer. After all, you are hiring a communication technology company and great voice quality is the least to expect & demand.

5. Coverage

While global coverage may not matter today, it can be integral for your business’ success as you scale up. It’s best to find a provider that can facilitate global outbound calls and also provide various numbers across the globe for inbound calls, as and when required.

6. The DIY flexibility of BYOC

Different companies have distinct needs and requirements. So, the bundled approach with CPaaS might not always be a fitting choice. The Bring Your Own Carrier model brings greater control and flexibility to the table, allowing organizations to supply their own PSTN access solution by adding the preferred carrier choice. A good SIP trunking service provider should provide you such BYOC capability to build a custom, in-control communication strategy.

7. Security across network

With businesses constantly being targeted and threatened for the misuse of their confidential data, the need for network security arises. As you hire a SIP trunking service provider, make sure to be acquainted with their security specifications and how they keep their networks secure. While an additional layer of security may not add a lot to your annual bills, an exploited security loophole can wipe off hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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