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Tata Communications is a Global Leader in the Frost Radar™ : Global Content Delivery Network, 2023

OTT delivery through Ultra-Live VDN by Tata Communications promises real-time delivery of live action across multiple screens, devices and geographies. Viewers can experience and interact with live content in a revolutionary way. The interactivity also opens doors to applications such as massive audience interaction, live online betting and selecting from multiple camera angles or commentary options.
Why Tata Communications

Live Experiences Optimised to Every Device

Our OTT orchestration features best-in-class transcoding to create custom live experiences across all your devices and platforms, including fast channel swapping for great user experience.

Synchronous Streaming of All Content Across Devices

Live synchronised screens through enforced server-side fixed latency and caching

Real-time Streaming with No Delay

Predictable, configurable and fixed latency of video streams for a true live broadcast over the top in any geography.

New Sponsor Opportunities Through Unique User Interactions

Massive audience interactions enabled through the interactivity features provide multiple use-cases for live game shows, talent contests, quizzes and online betting.

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