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Our fully managed service, backed by SLAs, for a high quality and reliable delivery of compressed video over a hybrid fibre and broadband internet network. It leverages our global dedicated media network Video Connect as the core, along with public internet for first and last-mile connectivity.
Why Tata Communications

Reach & Reliability

The ubiquity of public internet ensures a potentially limitless reach, whereas the majority of the core network being our private media network – Video Connect – offers a highly reliable service.

Speed & Security

The hybrid solution promises ultra-low latency, in sync with satellite, which coupled with our managed services layer becomes a potent alternative to satellite-based distribution.

Formats & Flexibility

Compatibility with Zixi, SRT and RIST protocols allow maximum interoperability with your existing infrastructure, along with a convenient hand-off across ASI/SDI/IP video formats.

Integration & Independence

Video sources and destinations controlled by web-based Stream Manager GUI with individual user-controlled access for all switching, routing & Distribution of feeds.

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