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Our Remote Production services facilitate a collaborative production process by tying together multiple production hubs with the live event venue, utilizing personnel and equipment across more than one facility. This unlocks tremendous opportunities for sports to scale their operations worldwide, and operate multiple events in parallel without needing a full production set-up on-site.
Why Tata Communications

Powerful Network Infrastructure

Tata Communications owns and operates the world’s largest fibre network optimised for media, delivering broadcast-quality video across 300 media hotspots in 125 global cities This offers low-latency, reliable connectivity and can be rapidly deployed and dynamically configured on a virtualised platform.

Dedicated Team Of Media Professionals

Our global operations centres maintain the network in peak condition through a remote monitoring crew, whereas a dedicated on-site team is fully adaptable to an event’s schedule and turnaround requirements.

Experience Of World Class Delivery

Our team currently delivers over 5,000 live sporting events globally including for MotoGP, Star India, Vista Worldwide, SailGP, etc.

Global Distribution of World Feeds

Tata Communications not only helps in the first leg of the journey – enabling live contribution and remote production, but is also well-placed to distribute your end-product to leading global broadcasters. Our Video Connect network is already directly linked to over 400 broadcasters on five continents.
From European circuits to Barcelona there is a latency of approximately 120ms, up to 400ms for the furthest locations. With these impressive figures of less than half a second, you can direct, talk, think and make decisions as if you were at the race.
Senior Director, Media Production , Dorna Sports

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