Broadcasters & Aggregators

Media-Ready Solutions for You Our media services are transforming how media business operate Consumption of television programming is rapidly evolving the world over. While the traditional route of distribution through satellite remains the most prominent, the next generation of audiences are born as digital natives, disrupting legacy business models. In the wide ecosystem of broadcasters and aggregators, the challenges faced by enterprises are similar globally.
  1. Adoption of alternative media platforms driven by OTT players
  2. Growing content acquisition costs
  3. Emerging competition from content owners going direct to consumer
As core audiences grow apart geographically, and new audiences emerge at unexpected locations, broadcasters need to be agile to serve the right content to the right audience to monetise effectively. To stay relevant, broadcasters and aggregators need a partner that can support their global contribution and distribution needs in the most reliable yet flexible manner. Hybrid models of contribution and distribution, a transition from satellite-based distribution and adoption of cloud-based media workflows make up the future of the industry. Tata Communications has the experience of working with leading global broadcasters, solving their digital infrastructure challenges through our array of solutions and services.
Sport is one of the largest unifying threads of humanity, bringing cultures and populations together. The popularity of sport among audiences cannot be questioned. However, now, as one of many sources of entertainment, sports compete with not just other sports but also VOD content for viewer attention. As sports rights-holders battle to hold the last frontier of must-watch-live content, there are several challenges they must face.
  1. Inertia of legacy distribution infrastructure limiting their reach
  2. Need for immersive viewing experiences at home
  3. Deploying world-class services in globally distributed venues at a short notice
The need for a digital transformation partner is imminent for sporting bodies. Enabling remote production for efficiencies across multiple world-class events, a partner to manage their IT and networking requirements globally and a distribution infrastructure that combines the virtues of fibre and IP-based delivery to support legacy satellite methods are crucial tasks. Tata Communications has performed some path-breaking work to change the digital landscape of some of the biggest global sporting brands.
Content Owners
We are definitively living in the age of content. Non-linear, internet-based distribution is bringing regional content to global audiences. But as enterprises focus on content production and acquisition, they leave less and less capital for investment in technology. The opportunities presented by the democratisation of content through the internet also opens the door to disruption by new technologies and content formats.
  1. Demand for non-mainstream media is fragmented globally
  2. Traditional media channels, while declining in prominence, are not obsolete in major markets
Content owners need a digital infrastructure partner that can manage their disparate global distribution requirements, move their content workflows to the cloud and enable efficiencies in content acquisition. Tata Communications helps some of the leading content brands simplify their content workflows and manage their hybrid distribution needs.
Video Streaming Companies
Digital native media companies have mastered the OTT market by virtue of being first adopters in IP-based distribution and cloud-based workflows. A steadily growing audience and unprecedented freedom in content experimentation has brought a revolution in the way content is consumed globally. However, the very nature of being an internet-first enterprise, also exposes streaming companies to the perils of this medium.
  1. Low barriers to entry leading to extremely stiff competition for viewers
  2. Low switching costs for users means a low attention span
  3. An ever-evolving technology stack
Tata Communications has developed its OTT orchestration services built into its media-ready cloud and network infrastructure, making it ideal for streaming companies. Right from delivery through VDN, storage and compute on a media cloud and automating content workflows, our solutions offer the perfect tech stack for OTT enterprises. Moreover, our core connectivity solutions offer the highest resiliency and availability on our global tier-1 fibre network.
Gaming & eSports
The trends around global networked play, full-game downloads and in-game content purchases indicate a robust growth of the $180Bn Gaming industry, which is poised to grow its sales at a steady rate into the new decade. The transition to cloud gaming will see a switch in revenue models along with new content delivery methods. With such a huge market to play for, console manufacturers, game publishers and new entrants with cloud and data centre assets are locked in a fierce battle. Each player faces its own set of challenges.
  1. Creating well-defined commercial models for Esports
  2. Moving from legacy environments to platform-agnostic games
  3. Defining monetisation strategies around VR/AR technologies
As gaming and eSports companies surge to capture emerging markets and mobile gamers, the need for secure cloud connectivity to global data centres, reliable core networking to connect globally-distributed developer studios and a media distribution and remote production strategy for their eSports properties are chief priorities for enterprise leaders. Tata Communications, a leading digital infrastructure services provider to 300 of the Fortune 500 companies, is well-positioned to serve these key needs.