Global SIP Connect Services are intended for general purpose enterprise use, in which all calls are placed via direct human interaction. Tata Communications strictly prohibits any use of its Global Connect Services in any manner that is inconsistent with such use, including without limitation: (i) connecting to any device, computer or telephone system, which can either (a) place calls in an automated fashion (such as any predictive dialer, auto-dialer or robodialer), or (b) makes routing choices based on the cost of a call (such as a least cost routing engine); (ii) traffic patterns which fail to conform either on a monthly average basis with the thresholds in the Additional Surcharge Section for the Services in the respective service schedule or addendum, or to a natural distribution across: (a) for calls terminated in the US: RBOC, ILEC, CLEC and wireless destinations, or (b) for calls terminated outside the US: fixed and wireless destinations; (iii) as an input for resold services under any circumstances; (iv) sharing between multiple users via a PBX, call center, computer or any other means; (v) in any manner that enables use of Tata Communications’ Global SIP Connect Services at any location other than those authorized by Tata Communications; (vi) for conference bridging or excessive call forwarding or transferring; or (vi) to make or facilitate the making of calls intended primarily to generate “call termination” or similar payments to any third parties, or that have the effect of generating unusually high call termination or similar payments to any third parties (collectively “Prohibited Uses”).

Tata Communications may use various tools and techniques to monitor and ensure compliance with this Fair Use Policy and other applicable agreements. When an account or Service exhibits calling patterns indicating potentially inappropriate use, Tata Communications may review the account’s calling patterns further. Tata Communications will notify Customer of any usage that appears to be Prohibited Use(s), and reserves the right to take any unusual activity into account in making its determination. If Customer does not correct the Prohibited Use by the end of the billing cycle following the notification by Tata Communications, or if Prohibited Uses appear in any subsequent billing cycles, Tata Communications reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any additional notice, to adjust the amounts invoiced to Customer for any affected billing cycles to reflect the appropriate pricing for such Prohibited Uses or terminate the Agreement.