The Power of Unified Cloud Experiences in Driving Innovation

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Adopting cutting-edge practices for business transformation

Over the past few years, the cloud has rapidly evolved both in its purpose and its elements. While the push toward cloud migration was flagged off with a set of primary goals such as agility, cost optimisation, and scalability, it has since transformed radically as a key driver of business innovation.

The faith in cloud is armed by latest market surveys that project the global cloud computing market to be worth $832.1 billion by 2025, up from $371.4 billion in 2020, recording a sensational CAGR of 17.5% during the forecast period. However, this also raises critical questions on organisational readiness to leverage cloud and all the benefits that it promises to deliver.

The Power of Collaboration: Partnering with Cloud Experts

Organisations must aim at onboarding hybrid cloud experts who offer unified cloud experience as a solution. The recent evolutions in cloud computing make it necessary for subject matter experts who can drive both technological and business innovations with a sophisticated hybrid multi-cloud model. And it is here that cloud transformation partners such as Tata Communications can help companies create a difference.

Besides providing a comprehensive unified cloud experience solution that encompasses IT infrastructure and cloud security architecture assessment, data and resource migration and monitoring, management, and control of public cloud security, Tata Communications also guides companies to make their cloud strategy a success through proactive suggestions and knowledge sharing.

Accelerating Business Innovation

Realigning Cloud Strategy to Drive Value

  • Chart out a robust migration plan

    It demonstrates cost-effective and seamless transitions, highlighting the importance of thorough planning.

  • Bolster the enterprise cloud security posture

    A unified approach to multi-cloud security is essential for safeguarding data in an evolving threat landscape.

  • Create a resilient network infrastructure

    Ensure adaptable network infrastructure for dynamic cloud requirements with secure, low-latency, high-uptime connectivity.

  • Facilitate end-to-end orchestration

    Maximise hybrid multi-cloud performance with unified workload allocation and real-time resource monitoring.

  • Create a nimble procurement strategy

    Craft a strategic cloud procurement plan considering industry, enterprise size, data handling, storage, and data sovereignty.

  • Vitalise compliance as a pillar of service excellence

    Prioritise compliance to avoid costly penalties and ensure data regulation adherence in evolving hybrid multi-cloud environments.

How can Tata Communications help?

A digital ecosystem enabler, Tata Communications, has helped enterprises across industries to build agile, scalable, and secure IT ecosystems. The IZO™ Cloud platform and services portfolio brings a gamut of managed cloud offerings that helps enterprises build an agile IT foundation. With cloud nodes present across geographies, 240,000+ kms of the world’s only round-the-globe, subsea cable system and Tier-1 secure IP network, we can help you grow your business across the globe.

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