Digital transformation and changing work patterns mean the threats to businesses are constantly evolving. Tata Communications’ Enhanced Detection and Response (XDR) Services are designed to help you guard against this shifting picture and stay secure. Tata Communications’ XDR service brings you proactive security monitoring and management delivered by a dedicated and expert team. Harnessing AI and ML, the service introduces automation to dramatically bring down your Mean Time to Detect, which means you can respond to and deal with malicious incidents and events much more quickly than ever before.

Through continual monitoring and preventive action, Tata Communications’ Managed Security Services neutralise risks before they affect your business. Services are delivered from our Cyber Security Response Centres which are compliant to all industry guidelines and standards. The technology layer is backed up with a wealth of expertise, delivered by our Security Analysts, Security Engineering, Threat Researchers, Threat Hunters and Incident Responders. The blend of automation and human specialist support adds value and keeps businesses secure.


How our services work

Tata Communications collects customer telemetry including logs and net flows into our cloud-based detection engine which includes hundreds of correlation rules mapped to MITRE and behaviour analytics use cases. The detection capabilities provided by the cloud-detection engine can be augmented with additional technologies such as an EDR or network deception. All events logged into our detection engine are further contextualised via our SOAR which looks up Threat Intelligence, Sandbox and customer CMDB to provide historical activity analysis of impacted asset along with reputation data of threat vector detected in the event. The alerting capabilities are further supplemented by our Threat Hunting team who proactively search for present threats within an environment heavily utilising the MITRE ATT&CK techniques. On-demand capabilities such as Digital Forensics and Incident Response teams can be turned on to immediately address and mitigate qualified security incidents. Proactive assessment of existing security controls is also provided via an experienced ‘Red Team’ who test the effectiveness of current controls deployed in the environment.


  • Threat intelligence research and advisories with extensive capabilities across risk to brands – including IP, domain, executive, social media and dark web monitoring
  • Out-of-the-box MITRE ATT&CK support – ready to go and ever-expanding to detect suspicious behaviour on a per-technique basis
  • Machine learning capabilities using sophisticated machine-based analytics that harness scenario modelling, behavioural modelling and machine learning to detect sophisticated attacks
  • Security transformation enabled through threat modelling of the existing infrastructure to transform the complete event monitoring and incident response capabilities
  • Behavioural analytics with an Integrated User Entity Behavioural Analytics (UEBA) solution which automatically identifies and prioritises anomalous user behaviour – enhancing visibility and efficiency to detect malicious threats
  • Automated orchestration with extensive workflow and threat remediation automation, managing end-to-end team workflow and providing their own intrusion
  • Integrated threat hunting and incident response services to supplement monitoring
  • Proactive assessment of service deliverables with ‘red team’ and ‘grey team’ exercises to test the performance of detection controls deployed in an environment

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    Minimise your business risk by discovering and neutralising threats early.

Hear what our customers have to say

Aamit Deb,
IT Infrastructure Head, , SREI Group

For over 10 years now, I have trusted Tata Communications as my network and telecommunications solutions provider. Its customer service skills are second-to-none. The versatile background of the team and in-depth knowledge of the telecom industry make them the perfect solution provider for any company looking for savings and a single point of contact. This is really the need of the hour for our digital transformation journey. For instance, Tata Communications’ vproxy solution based on Zscaler technology gives us complete visibility and reporting on all web communications throughout the company and minimises the security administration overheads thus enabling us to focus on just running our business without worrying about whether it is suitably safeguarded – we trust Tata Communications for that. Moreover, there is no on-site equipment or platform needed which could be otherwise very costly to implement. Tata Communications services are overseen by an experienced, global support team using state-of-the-art systems and processes and backed by aggressive performance-based SLAs. With them, the day-to-day security management is better, faster and at lower cost.

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