Omdia Video CDN Vendor Scorecard – 2020

In the Video CDN Vendor Scorecard – 2020 by Omdia, Tata Communications has been named a leader. The report mentions: “For its video specific solutions, Tata Communications is highlighting the capability of delivering live and linear video from ingest to last mile. The company’s network is hard to replicate in the CDN space because of its pre-existing relationships with ISPs, whom it already sells capacity to and/or peers with. The firm’s operations and expertise in the Asia-Pacific region leave it best positioned to exploit the opportunities in the world’s fastest growing CDN market.” This Scorecard evaluates the top video content delivery network (CDN) vendors on a range of criteria developed through conversations with industry players and CDN users and referencing internal research. These include their market share, financial health, how comprehensive their video offerings are, and an analysis into how closely each vendor’s solution matches the expectations of buyers.

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