Improve Retention Rate of Connected Vehicle Subscription Services

Unlike smartphones, until recently automotive OEMs were unaware of application usage patterns in their connected vehicle services - failing to provide customers with what their customers like to consume - impacting subscription renewal rates post the free-trial period.
Remember! A new car purchased today will be on the road, on average, for more than 10 years - which means you need to plan today and develop a system to future-proof your vehicles.
With Tata Communications MOVE™ Renewal Assure, OEMs can peek into connected vehicles' data consumption. This enables them to get insights into “How” much data a customer needs and “What” applications they are using, to provide customers with a tailor-made plan that not only fits in their budget but also fulfills their needs. With the power this intelligence offers, OEMs can provide exceptional services and experiences that users want from their connected vehicles.

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