IPCL cut down power outages by 20% with smart grid IoT technology

India Power Corporation Limited (IPCL) a leading energy company offering power generation, distribution, and renewable energy as a one stop shop was facing losses in technical and commercial distribution of power. With a goal to reduce power outages and gain more control on the operations of their grid, IPCL teamed up with Tata Communications to set up a smart grid solution with IZO™ Private Cloud that could take advantage of IoT technology. This made their grid more efficient, cost effective and provided them with a complete and real-time view of their operations. Some of the Important aspects of the solution include the use of:

  • IoT devices to monitor inputs like phase voltage, total active power, and more
  • SIM-based GPRS to transfer operating parameters into the cloud solution

Read the award winning ISG Digital case study on how Tata Communications with the use of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart meters in transformers raised efficiency, reduced power outages and improved productivity for India Power Corporation Limited.

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