5G – The 5M Way

Industry 4.0 is transforming business operations for better. Enabled by automation and smart factory initiatives, enterprises are looking at improved efficiency across the value chain as a catalyst for their business growth. With increased automation, the focus on the triad of Man-Material-Machine (3M) has also exponentially increased as it also improves employee safety & efficiency, machine & facility management, and material & equipment handling. Along with the 3M, enterprises across sectors can unlock two more M’s - Method and Market. As enterprises asses to leverage 5G connectivity to further innovation in their business processes, the combination of these 5Ms will help deliver optimised and efficient operations with greater flexibility and visibility – as per the business needs.

As a digital ecosystem enabler, Tata Communications with its IoT technology and mobility platform, is already enabling multiple use-cases for our global enterprise customers to provide customised connectivity for better visibility and control of people, processes and production lines.

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