How is the Finance & Insurance industry engaging in Secure Network Transformation?


The global pandemic forced network changes nearly overnight. Large-scale remote working opened new threats in security perimeters which were already dealing with holes. Zero-trust network access i.e. treating devices as untrusted whether they are inside or outside the corporate network is an effective policy. But getting security alignment on zero trust across all assets is a challenging task.

Network transformation which includes hybrid networking, SD-WAN and secure cloud connect offers layers of protection to corporate assets for the perimeter and beyond the perimeter. However, security solutions need to be deployed and managed with the network infrastructure, as part of an overall security strategy.

Tata Communications can help businesses overcome the above challenges and deliver an efficient, scalable and secure experience for users and applications, leveraging private and public infrastructure through

  1. Cloud-first, internet-first Network Architecture: Enable instant creation of cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-edge connected solutions while improving latency and availability
  2. Cloud to cloud connectivity: Deploy cloud connect solutions that link data centers to multiple clouds via private connections
  3. Managing risk for performance: Add on-premises, next-gen firewall together with cloud-based security
  4. Right-sized and optimised Network: Migrate to agile hybrid networks with MPLS and end-to-end, SLA-backed internet WAN with application-aware routing

Read the whitepaper to know more on Secure Network Transformation by Tata Communications.

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