Keep cyber attacks on the back foot with MDDoS solutions for carriers

With customers requiring 24/7/365 access, a cyber attack can cause significant disruption to your service and critical damage to your reputation. Protecting your infrastructure is the best way to keep customers satisfied and avoid the costly loss of customer confidence that can follow an attack. Tata Communications’ bundled internet access with MDDoS solution helps secure your network infrastructure, increase resilience against cyber threats and manage risk. Key features of partnering with us include:

  • Minimising of latency impact with DDoS mitigation
  • The highest visibility of global attacks
  • Dedicated global Tata Communications platform
  • Bundled solutions for quick and easy deployment
  • Superior customer experience

Make every part of your infrastructure cyber resilient with 24/7 threat hunting and quick response to attacks with Tata Communications DDoS solutions. Read the brochure to know more.

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