Transforming FSIs: Re-imagining a network architecture fit for the future

Banks and insurers are feeling the squeeze with erosion of trillions of dollars in market capital and depleting operating margins. As the financially devastated world limps back to normalcy, with Work from home as the new norm and video-on-demand a reality, financial institutions must accelerate the pace of digital transformation to survive and thrive in this altered landscape. In this exclusive In-Conversation report, IDC and Andrew Yeong, Vice President & Head, Customer Success Group at Tata Communications discuss the disruptive changes in the financial services industry and raise some hard-hitting issues that financial institutions need to address as they strive to adapt to the emerging ICT landscapes. Read this report to learn about -

  • Changing functions of banks as tech companies
  • How COVID19 has impacted BCP practices
  • How FSIs can leverage the power of 5G networks
  • Step-by-step approach to digital transformation by Tata Communications

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