Tata Communications’ Managed DDoS platform is a best-in-breed protection service delivered over one of the largest DDoS mitigation networks in the world.

Common contemporary services provide ‘best-e_x005F_x001F_ort’ anti-DDoS services via hosted platforms, with a limited number of scrubbing nodes that are mostly concentrated at regional hubs. In e_x005F_x001F_ect, the services rely on the Internet to deliver all attack tra_x005F_x001E_c at an organisation’s doorstep for mitigation. If attack tra_x005F_x001E_c finds its way to the hosted infrastructure, the processed tra_x005F_x001E_c is simply returned to the very same Internet to reach its target. This is not an e_x005F_x001E_cient solution as it still saturates the customer internet bandwidth.

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