Get more from MS Teams with seamless global deployment of direct routing

Gartner's survey on the digital worker experience amongst 10,000 US, European and APAC respondents shows the hybrid working model of 'part home, part office' will apply to some 45 percent of the global knowledge workforce by 2022. At the same time, some 25 percent will choose home as their primary workplace.

It's this shift towards flexibility that 43 percent of workers attributed to helping them achieve greater productivity, with some 30 percent citing more work done thanks to less time wasted commuting. Nevertheless, 26 percent also reported that connectivity issues and technology changes had led to decreased productivity – highlighting the opportunity for enterprises to further strengthen UCC capabilities.

Many companies have already discovered the advantages of MS Teams for meeting, talking, chatting, building, creating, using business apps and making decisions together. By adding voice Direct Routing (DR) to the MS Teams mix it opens up even more possibilities for global communication and collaboration. Against the backdrop of Teams' easy customisation and end-to-end security, DR enhancement further frees you up to carry out your business your way, safely and securely.

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