Microsoft Teams: meeting the challenges of hybrid working

Microsoft Teams Solutions by Tata Communications offer a cloud-based collaboration suite for messaging, video, voice, and conferencing. With us as your trusted partner, break through siloed working infrastructures, and make 24x7 real-time collaboration a reality. With Tata Communications’ world-leading infrastructure, enjoy the productivity of Microsoft Teams with the simplicity of connected audio. Experience a hassle-free virtual workspace and enjoy benefits like:

  • Creating efficient workspaces
  • Managed solution featuring audio, video and video endpoint capabilities
  • Unified collaboration and enhanced digital experiences
  • Fully managed end-to-end services
  • Consistent, compliant service

Choose a ready-to-go solution that meets all your collaboration needs. Tata Communications delivers a fully managed meeting service that interoperates with Microsoft Teams features so you can experience reliable, robust and borderless connectivity.

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