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Give your ideas an opportunity in the real world

Catalyse your conceptual business innovations in a technologically advanced, powerful, and tool-rich testbed, to develop and test real-world solutions.
Access enterprise-grade testbeds
Accelerate go-to-market readiness
Scale securely in real-world conditions
Leverage global hyperconnectivity capability
Revolutionary technology platforms that let you innovate, prospect and onboard ideas
Private Network
Get access to an enterprise-grade, powerful testbed that allows you to meet your mission-critical ideas and test them in real time.
  • Network-as-a-Service 
  • Edge compute for light applications 
  • Customised simulated environments 
  • Network orchestration-as-a-service
Tata Communications CloudLyte
Architect, test and deploy your application workflows in a fully managed SaaS-based Edge platform, by leveraging the power of Tata Communications CloudLyte.
  • Experience the platform before making a purchase decision
  • Quickly onboard the applications that fit your Edge business needs
  • Focus on developing your applications
  • Manage Edge workloads through a single interface
  • Scale as you grow
  • Integrate with the existing partner ecosystem
Test your connections with zero-trust, cloud-native networking that enables enterprises to connect applications securely and cost-effectively.
  • Embed multi-cloud native zero trust network access inside Apps, APIs, Edge servers and IoT devices
  • In-built vulnerability protection based on zero-trust authentication and access
  • Three-tier offering with the option to scale the usage
  • Low touch community support model for developers to get help in case of any issue with the product.
Tata Communications DIGO
Test and build customer experience use-cases to drive customer engagement through Tata Communications’ in-network cloud interaction platform.
  • Single-stop access to 40+ APIs to test/pre-build interactivity features
  • Ready access to swaggers for all Tata Communications DIGO APIs from the sandbox for testing
  • Specific API access to be made available on request*
  • USD 50 free credit to test services

Discover your approach. Test your implementations. Garner real-world results.