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Digital-first strategies need a digital-first mindset

A digital-first strategy requires a rethink of technology, processes, organisational operating models and culture to enable better experiences across the business ecosystem. Put simply, it requires a significant change in mindsets relating to technology adoption and driving towards greater integration across the business ecosystem.

New complexities demand an ecosystem strategy

With the adoption of digital technologies, value chains are transforming into a complex web of ecosystem partners. CIOs along with other C-suite leaders need to carefully build an ecosystem strategy that helps them bring together tools, technologies, digital skills and expertise.

Navigate the change with an ecosystem enabler

A digital-first operating model is agile and scalable. This requires an IT strategy that can keep pace with business needs. Tata Communications can help you deliver a secure, agile, scalable IT infrastructure with secure network transformation and a unified cloud experience that enables consistent management. We enable an ecosystem of technology platforms, products, services and partners that accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Journeying towards a digital-first operating model?

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Our Perspective

Srinivasan CR
Chief Digital Officer and Head Cloud, Hosting, SD-WAN and Security, Tata Communications

Digital-First has evolved beyond an enterprise’s IT strategy, pivoting now to delivering a powerful play between business growth, innovation and acceleration. We are witnessing technology becoming a true enabler of collective collaboration championed by cross-functional leaders. A digital culture must be intentional and influence the enterprise to embrace agility, experimentation, risk-tolerance and collaboration with a relentless focus on its stakeholders


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