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Trust drives businesses; digital trust will drive digital businesses

All business relationships are anchored in the concept of trust. Digital trust will influence experience across ecosystems, commerce, and governance in the digital era. Winning organisations are the ones that earn this trust by ensuring privacy of user identity, security of data and infrastructure, data integrity and risk mitigation.

Digital trust is the insurance you need to succeed in a digital-first world  

Multi-dimensional businesses have multiple critical relationships across customers, partners, and employees and will need to inculcate trust across the ecosystem. In today’s digital-first environment, should trust fail across any of the elements or relationships, businesses stand to lose both revenue and brand reputation.

Prioritise strengthening your enterprise security foundation

Enterprises need to adopt a pragmatic approach to implementing cybersecurity practices to enable and sustain digital trust. Tata Communications can help you set up intelligent analytics driven SecOps and a strong managed security framework for controls mapped across user, entity, access, device, and threat

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Our Perspective

Avinash Prasad
Vice President, Managed Security Services, Tata Communications

Trust needs to be built and perpetually sustained. Hence, a 'set it and forget it’ model does not apply. It requires continuous assessments and enhancements, and cybersecurity teams need to partner effectively with other functions to deliver on this core business value


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