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In a hybrid workforce, maintaining the health and safety of employees operating in physical workspaces is critical to your business continuity and growth. Our innovative, IoT-based solutions will help you put in place the safety protocols and wellbeing measures to protect your people and your bottom line. From wearable tech that keeps track of vitals to contactless entry and exit measures, you can keep on-site staff safe and secure.
Leverage wearable IoT tech
Our Employee Health and Safety wearable technology monitors worker’s body vital stats and work environment. A two-way SOS button allows employees and enterprises to react quickly to any incident, while geo-fencing enables conditional access to specific areas through alerts. You will get real-time alerts if an area in the workplace becomes overcrowded, and in the event of any infection, easy contact tracing lets you review the employee’s movement across your premises – highlighting potentially exposed areas and people. Safety and productivity in the workplace are enhanced all-round.
Keep track to stay safe
Elevating the regular ID card, our SafePass uses IoT and Bluetooth connections to enable location tracking, alarms, geo-fencing and two-way alerts. Staff can simply press and hold the SafePass SOS button to alert their supervisor in the event of any workplace accident. Location monitoring will notify employees and their supervisors whenever they enter hazardous areas of the workplace. So you can keep your staff and your site safe – responding to any breach, fast.

Build a safe and secure workforce today

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