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The future of work is hybrid, with global organisations adopting a work-from-anywhere strategy that allows a large percentage of their workforce to operate remotely. In order to thrive, innovate and accelerate in this new reality, employees must have seamless and secure access to critical enterprise applications, whether hosted in data centres or on the cloud. Our secure and innovative zero-trust solutions are backed by robust compliance, identity management and cyber threat protection. So we can help enable your anywhere, anytime workforce – and enhance employee experience at the same time.
Safe access to applications to drive productivity
Our Zero-Trust Network Access solution offers a single point of access from any device, with risk-based conditional access to all enterprise apps hosted across data centres and cloud. Continuous Trust Verification and Granular Segmentation fortifies app and data security.  
Protecting your expanding digital perimeter  
Leveraging Netfoundry’s awar-wining access and network technology, along with our Azure Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities and VDI over private cloud, we help maintain your digital perimeter – with robust posture checks, real-time identification and governance of end-point devices.
Hassle-free identity and access management
Alongside the assured security of multi-factor authentication, identity governance and single sign-on, our identity and access solutions enable you to manage multiple users with ease – and offer your employees faster access to apps at the same time.
Ensuring continuity of work through proactive cyber threat protection
Expanding perimeters demand greater protection from cyber threats. With Netfoundry, Secure Web Gateway and our Security Information and Event Management, we help enterprises take a more proactive stance. Scan intrusions and malware from internet-based content, handle DDoS attacks and identify and manage known bad behaviour using our suite of solutions.  

Get secure and performant access to applications