Harness the full power of the cloud with our one-stop cloud platforms

IZO™ is a flexible, one-stop cloud enablement platform designed to help you navigate complexity for more agile business performance. Scale seamlessly, expand rapidly and stay flexible without ever compromising security.

IZO™ SDWAN maximises performance by combining IZO™ Hybrid WAN with cutting edge software-defined and virtualised network technologies in over 130 countries.

IZO™ Hybrid WAN gives you increased resilience for the most cost-effective performance.

IZO™ Private Connect gives reliable network performance while allowing you to access your cloud providers privately from anywhere in the world.

IZO™ Public Connect lets you access public cloud providers using a dedicated and deterministic route, for more agile business performance.

IZO™ Internet WAN gives business the security, flexibility and predictability of a private network, with the global reach of the internet – for the first time, enhancing your productivity.

IZO™ Cloud Storage lets you scale your infrastructure up and down effortlessly in a durable, secure environment.

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Our IZO™ Private Connect Service provides Cognizant with the perfect solution for its clients’ needs


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