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Omni-channel Integration
Create dynamic omni-channel engagement across integrated digital and physical touchpoints. Tata Communications CPaaS, CCaaS, and Smart Spaces solutions empower retailers with:

Seamless Switching

Smooth channel transitions drive customer engagement and loyalty

Streamlined Interactions

CPaaS & CCaaS unify channels, break silos, and empower agents for context-based servicing

Data-driven Insights

Actionable intelligence across multiple channels

Flexible Options

Support for every stage of the customer journey

Easy Integration

Accessible APIs and pre-built applications simplify the process

Seamless Connectivity
Achieve MPLS-caliber Internet with SLA/SLO-backed global uniformity. Tata Communications network offers diverse choices, including IZO™ Internet WAN and IZO™ Multi Cloud Connect, to provide:

Comprehensive Connectivity

Spanning wireline to 4G/5G on a global scale

Cost Efficiency

Save up to 40% compared to regular MPLS

Unified Network

Secure 24/7 links across retail sites, warehouses, and distributors

AI-driven Insights
Garner in-store intelligence to enhance monetisation. Tata Communications provides leading offerings from Smart Spaces to facial recognition, IIOT, and Private 5G, to enable:

Smart Features

In-store IoT swiftly identifies and visualises heat mapping and density

Live Data

AI interfaces read shoppers’ real-time emotions through facial, biometric, and audio cues

Private 5G Network

One-stop, easy-to-manage pre-integrated 5G network solution

Risk Management
Simplify risk management to optimise security and core operations. Tata Communications, provider of award-winning managed security services, offers a rich security portfolio – from IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), to Managed Security Operations Center (mSOC), Server-Side Encryption (SSE) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – for:

Proactive Assessment

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) evaluation identifies existing risks

Risk Mitigation

Secure infrastructure ensures data integrity and privacy

Operational Efficiency

Smoother operations without costly downtime or interruptions

Customer Trust

Effective management to safeguard retail brand and reputation

Superior CX
Boost customer experience with streamlined transactions. Tata Communications MOVE™ for Point-of-Sale and CPaaS drive:

Faster Payments

IoT enables faster payments, returns, and checkouts from anywhere in-store

Easier Tracking

Leverage CPaaS to track shipments through real-time information sharing

Smart Communication

Update customers on trends and sales with timely and relevant information to preferred channels

Optimised Supply Chain
Build a robust system for end-to-end supply chain management. Tata Communications MOVE™, Private 5G, Smart Spaces, CPaaS, and IZO™ Internet WAN all enable retailers to accelerate and streamline processes for:

Increased Efficiency

Integrate supply chain operations to reduce redundancy and optimise resources

Streamlined Logistics

Leverage the power of IoT and secure agile connectivity to gain end-to-end visibility

Enhanced Planning

Smart interconnected warehouse management to forecast demand

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