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Intelligent Fraud Management System (iFMS)

  • Outbound Services (VTS Services): Triggers alerts when suspicious traffic patterns are detected. These alerts are analysed and validated by our 24×7 Fraud Prevention Team with the help of testing tools, before being sent to customers to avoid false positives.
  • Inbound Services (VAS Services): Customer historical traffic profiling and trends are analysed, and alerts triggered when sudden surges are witnessed. Customized alerting rules are also available on a wide array of call parameters.

Subscriber Traffic Management System (STMS)

  • Monitors traffic usage in near real time to anticipate and prevent fraud.
  • Establish alerting and optional blocking of voice usage thresholds per: A-number (CLID) Usage and/or pricing destinations.
  • Thresholds can be set in terms of monetary value and/or minutes of usage (MoU)

Dialer Detector

  • Identifies artificial, machine generated call attempts prior to materializing into minutes.

Fraud Analytics

  • Offering daily or hourly Fraud Block Reports based on Tata Communications crowd Intelligence gathering.
  • Detailed reports identify traffic based on customer A-Number/CLID, B numbers and Pricing Destinations, that Tata Communications has unilaterally blocked due to past fraud occurrences with other customers & market intelligence gathering.

Fraud Prevention APIs

  • Our Fraud Prevention APIs help automate the process of creating voice alerts, manage voice blocking or monitor fraud via near real-time reporting

Fraud Prevention Portal

  • Manage and secure your voice traffic should be easy-to-use graphical user interface at your convenience without manual intervention from Tata Communications personnel