STAR comprehensively includes crucial principles of transparency, auditing, and harmonization of standards. STAR certification provides multiple benefits, including assessment of cloud technology against industry-established best practices and validation of security posture of cloud offerings.


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How does CSA help align cloud security measure?

The Cloud Security Alliance has created the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) which is a baseline set of security controls to help enterprises assess the risk associated with a cloud computing provider. CCM v3.0.1 is available as a free download to help limitations exist for encrypting data in storage, data in transit and key management.
Domains of Cloud Control Matrix:
There are 16 domains identified in the CCM and TCL has complied to the 133 controls of all 16 domains. They are:

Domain Name No. of Controls
Application & Interface Security; Application Security 4
Audit Assurance & Compliance; Audit Planning 3
Business Continuity Management & Operational Resilience; Business Continuity Planning 11
Change Control & Configuration Management; New Development / Acquisition 5
Data Security & Information Lifecycle Management Classification 7
Datacenter Security; Asset Management 9
Encryption & Key Management Entitlement 4
Governance and Risk Management; Baseline Requirements 11
Human Resources; Asset Returns 11
Identity & Access Management; Audit Tools Access 13
Infrastructure & Virtualization Security; Audit Logging / Intrusion Detection 13
Interoperability & Portability; APIs 5
Mobile Security; Anti-Malware 20
Security Incident Management, E-Discovery & Cloud Forensics
Contact / Authority Maintenance
Supply Chain Management, Transparency and Accountability
Data Quality and Integrity
Threat and Vulnerability Management
Anti-Virus / Malicious Software


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Is Tata Communications aligned to CSA STAR?

CSA STAR Self-Assessment is open to all cloud technology players and allows them to submit self-assessment reports which records adoption and compliance to CSA-published best practices. CSA CCM is a framework which provides organizations with the needed structure, detail and precision relating to information security exercises that are tailored-made to the cloud industry.

To indicate TCL’s compliance with CSA best practices the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) was submitted, which provides a controls framework that gives detailed understanding of security concepts and principles that are aligned to the Cloud Security Alliance guidance in 13 domains.


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