Protect your customers and your business

Your customers want to engage in 2-way digital conversations at their convenience. They want to be able to switch between voice, video, SMS or rich media communications without disruption. They expect communications to fit around their schedules. So how do you deliver?


The good news is that such engagement is now within reach with Tata Communications CPaaS from Tata Communications. Tata Communications CPaaS applies the concept of communications platform as a service (CPaaS), to enable a rich, omni-channel customer engagement strategy.

Why choose Tata Communications CPaaS Cloud Communications?

  • Ease of integration

    Tata Communications CPaaS uses REST based APIs accessible from any web-based or mobile application. Streamline your operations and reduce TCO with direct build, integration onto our network.
  • Flexible customer engagement options

    From customer service enablement, through to mobile marketing, Tata Communications CPaaS supports every stage of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, through loyalty building and retention.
  • APIs and pre-built applications

    We provide access to an extensive range of APIs for you to build integrations with your applications. We also provide pre-built applications for fast service deployment.
  • Carrier grade services, not just software

    Tata Communications CPaaS integrates with our world class communications services. It provides you with global reach for cost effective customer engagement.
  • Lifecycle management

    Tata Communications CPaaS ensures end-to-end service lifecycle and management, using the core processes and systems we have deployed across our voice and data network.

You are one click away from enabling your cloud enabled customer engagement strategy