Engage your network users and automate your operations

When you’re looking to build or enhance the network experience for your users, the time it takes to understand complex protocols like SIP is a resource you can’t afford. In fact, your business objectives are best served if your developers can pick from simple, modular APIs. With Tata Communications CPaaS our API-powered solutions serve a wide range of use cases, ranging from trouble ticket integration, to carrier-grade services like automation of Global SIP Connect and SD-WAN implementations. These capabilities are built on top of service infrastructure owned and managed by us.

Why choose Tata Communications CPaaS?

  • Ease of integration

    Tata Communications CPaaS uses REST based APIs accessible from any web-based or mobile application. Streamline your operations and reduce TCO with direct build, integration onto our network.
  • Seamlessly consumer Tata Communications network services

    APIs supporting trouble ticketing, inventory, planned outage notifications, account management, location verification and billing inquiries, to automate network operations.
  • Self service APIs

    When you want to build or enhance the network experience for your users, your business objectives are best served with Tata Communications CPaaS, which lets your developers choose the APIs they need.
  • Carrier grade services, not just software

    Tata Communications CPaaS has been built to provide integrity from simple network deployments, through to very complex, multi-country and multi-region WAN deployments.
  • Lifecycle management

    Tata Communications CPaaS ensures end-to-end service lifecycle and management, using the core processes and systems we have deployed across our voice and data network.

You are one click away from your cloud enabled, company network self-service strategy