Protect your customers and your business

Tata Communications CPaaS delivers solutions to ensure that your customers’ transactions are protected. This includes things like OTP transactions to enable a website reset or validate a transaction. We also provide pre-built applications for multi-factor authentication and number masking. In addition to protecting your customers, we also protect you against fraudulent activity in the communications network, with a range of services from traffic monitoring through to patent pending auto dialler detection, or our patented real-time IP communications protection.

Why choose Tata Communications CPaaS for Security and Fraud Protection?

  • No coding needed

    Power up authentication communications workflows quickly. Our fraud protection is an entirely hosted capability, so you get protection from the moment you start using the service.
  • Ease of integration

    Fast integration with our carrier networks already serving 1,000s of enterprise and 100s of international destinations
  • Pre-build applications

    Easy to implement Multi-Factor Authentication, across SMS, Email, Voice. Support virtual caller number (number masking), so that your customers phone numbers are not revealed to contact centre agents or contractors.
  • Broad range of APIs

    We provide access to an extensive range of APIs for you to help integrate communications services with your applications.
  • Fraud Protection

    Tata Communications CPaaS integrates with our proven voice and messaging fraud detection services. It provides you with global protection against various types of communications fraud.

You are one click away from your cloud enabled customer security and fraud protection services