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Reliable Solutions Enabling Efficiency and Control

Choose the smarter way to keep your equipment working longer and more productively. Tata Communications MOVE™ lets you access rich information, such as the condition of your equipment, how it is being used and any damage that might take place. A connected industrial eco-system requires an automation-intensive environment, leveraging a combination of mobile and cloud connectivity, the Internet of Things and Big Data. Deploying these capabilities as part of a global digital transformation initiative helps to realise significant gains in terms of productivity, enhanced business efficiency, and overall industry competitiveness.
Factory Automation
  Monitor the production line and environmental conditions, to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Use IoT to predict downtime and maintenance schedules.  
Inventory Management
  Track integrated supply chains, to ensure just in time deliveries are in the right place, to avoid factory downtime or locate missing consignments.  
Heavy Equipment Monitoring
  Tata Communications MOVE™ helps in the realization of ‘X as a Service’ such that heavy equipment usage and operation can be monitored, and maintenance planned in the most efficient way possible. The use of IoT for connected equipment also means that spare part inventories can be held and used in a more efficient way.  
Safety & Security
  Use of the IoT connectivity enabled by Tata Communications MOVE™ to help detect whether production lines or heavy capital equipment is exhibiting signs of overheating, incorrect or possibly dangerous usage.  

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