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Product innovation with access to a world of data

Accelerate innovation in efficient and profitable manufacturing with Tata Communications MOVE™, enabling you to build connectivity into your equipment such that it can be ‘born connected’. We work with you to understand and help realise your digital transformation objectives across the manufacturing value chain. With Tata Communications MOVE™ encompassing cellular and cloud connectivity, together with eSIM enablement, we help you to boost efficient and profitable manufacturing and post-manufacture operation of your equipment and devices.
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Creating ‘Born connected’ devices

Digital natives need devices born completely connected, embedded with connectivity to aid convenience. Monetise your enterprise’s production better with ‘born connected’ devices that completely change product and brand perception for your audiences.

Manage operations with fewer manual interventions

Use IoT connectivity to define a systematic approach towards developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner with OEM electronics that go beyond the basics.
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Secure connectivity

Things-to-cloud connectivity provides efficient monitoring of data to help in decision making, operational management, safety and security. Specialised OEM solutions that have effectively connected thousands of devices are a good measure to ensure safety for your data.

Inventory Control

Track your assets and maintain a comprehensive and updated record of the location, type, model and release information.
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    Fulfilling the Potential of eSim

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